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Auctions- Anybody Got A Bid?


With the popularity of real estate auctions rising, everyone from seasoned & new real estate investors to first-time home buyers are hitting the auction trail. For those who are new to the auction process, some can be reluctant about the terms and guidelines that are unfamiliar. This shouldn’t keep anyone from pursuing an auction – especially when you want to move a property quickly. Our next lunch & learn on Monday, February 26th we will discuss the many different types of Auctions such as Foreclosure, Tax Sales, Absolute, Probate & Round Robin. To learn more and to become part of the auction action visit us next week at Corkys Bar-B-Q in Brentwood, TN 11:30-1:00pm or join online today.

Investing in Lease Options!

Tech-and-Real-Estate-604x270Lots of people want to become real estate investors, but they have limited funds for down payments and think that buying and holding or flipping properties are the only ways to make money or build a real estate portfolio. FALSE!  There are many strategies for investing in real estate without tons of cash. I’m not going to blow smoke like TV gurus and say “Buy Real Estate With No Money Down or Cash Free Real Estate”.  Join us on Monday, February 19th at Corkys in Brentwood,TN at 11:30am-1:00pm and We can show you how to control property through different types of lease options that will allow you to generate a positive cash flow.

Creative Financing-Think outside the box!

If you’re looking at flipping a property with a high profit margin, consider securing your down payment or renovation money through home equity lines of credit, credit cards, selling an automobile or even a life insurance policy. I remember years ago when I took a cash advance on a credit card to buy a house.

However, buyer beware, research your investment thoroughly before turning to these riskier alternative sources of funding. Remember if the deal doesn’t workout you may be delivering pizzas & newspapers to repay your lenders.

Financing for the actual purchase of the property could be possible through private money lenders which you can find at a local real estate investors association or smaller local banks. Some private money lenders & especially banks require your credit history and/or expierance to meet certain criterias.

When you borrow from a person as opposed to an bank, that person is generally going to be more conservative and more protective of giving their money to a stranger.

Just be aware that you may be met with some adversity or skepticism if you do not have a history of successful real estate investments.

To learn more visit us next week at Corkys Bar-B-Q in Brentwood, TN 11:30-1:00pm or join online today.

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