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Coaching and Mentoring Programs

That’s right! You’ve been asking for it & now it’s here!

Our programs are truly customized training programs. We are not a large scale coaching call center like you see on TV. We are active investors working every day on our personal business. We look at each individual students needs and develop a program to take them to the next level of growth in their business…whether you are working on your first deal, or your 100th…we can help you overcome the hurdles you are facing.

Custom Tailored Program designed to meet your specific business needs
One on One focused accountability sessions help you set and achieve your goals
Expert Local Knowledge in nearly all aspects of Real Estate Investing
Achieve success faster, as the leadership of TNREIA successfully guides you in building your personal business investing in Real Estate. We are a team of seasoned local investors with the skills, knowledge, experience and proven track record of success both in our personal businesses, and in developing other investors in our community. We commit to hold you accountable, challenge you to perform at your peak performance level and build your foundation to Secure Your Financial Future…one deal at a time!

You will not find another program like ours…

Who Needs A Coach?

If you interview just about any successful real estate investor you’ll typically find they have drive, determination, and stamina, but every good investor also has a strong advocate in their corner, watching and encouraging them every step of the way. The most prolific investors have a coach – or mentor – giving them solid advice and helping them to avoid some of the roadblocks, detours, and traffic jams that can delay or prevent their coronation as successful investors.

There are four stages of investing where coaching makes sense:

1. Before You Get Started – At this stage of your career you have more questions than answers. You’re invigorated and excited about the future, but you’re also afraid of making costly mistakes. A lot of investors fear failure so much they delay investing – spending thousands on one real estate investing course after another – trying to convince themselves that they’re investing in their futures, when in reality they’re hiding from it. A coach can help you adequately assess your preparation and see if you need more education or a gentle nudge towards the playing field.

2. After you get started and you’re doing well – You may have left the gate with the zeal of an Olympic sprinter, but you need to realize that real estate investing is like a marathon. If you don’t pace yourself, you can get winded, slow down, and drop out. A coach can help you to find opportunities you may have overlooked – and to avoid mistakes that could throw you off track.

Starting strong can generate income, but good coaching can help you build sustainable wealth, instead of a quick infusion of cash followed by extended periods of inactivity. What’s the best way to segue from one stage to the next? How do you evaluate the current market and accurately decide what the future holds? A good coach can tell you that – and more.

3. After you get started and you’re struggling – An immediate stumble out of the gate can cause some investors to question the wisdom of their decision. This problem can be compounded by listening to family and friends who are married to the idea of earning just enough to get by. Accustomed to failure – or at least mediocrity – they assume that you are, too. The worst thing you can do is elevate all the Doubting Thomases in your midst to positions of influence.

A real estate investing coach doesn’t have the mindset of finding you a graceful exit strategy from real estate investing. They’ll show yow new ways to face your fears, assess your strengths, and turn things around. It won’t happen overnight, but a coach can give you the guidance you need to turn around and get headed in the right direction.

4. Any time you’re ready to move to the next level – Regardless of where you’re at in your investing career, you’ll face moments of self-doubt and confusion about the best move for your business. You’re traveling in what is to you uncharted territory. An investing coach knows the lay of the land and how to reach your financial destination. Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to advance your business? What could you be doing better?

Whether it’s learning advanced investing techniques or better utilization of your credit, an investing coach can show you multiple options for getting where you want to go. You may have considered some and discarded them due to misunderstanding their significance. A coach will help you see the light without shoving you into the path of an oncoming train.

As you can see, a coach is needed no matter where you find yourself on the real estate investing success track. You can easily falter or stumble, but with an investing coach there to guide you, you can plan on reaching your financial, personal, and investing goals more quickly.

A coach can’t guarantee that you’ll never falter or stumble…What they can do, however, is help to ensure that a stumble doesn’t precede a painful fall to the rear of the pack. Hire a good coach to catch you if you fall, to direct you when you stray, and to celebrate you when you succeed.

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The TNREIA Welcomes Our New Hendersonville Chapter!

calendar_96580The TNREIA welcomes our new Hendersonville Chapter. The TNREIA Hendersonville will now be meeting at the Black Eyed Pea Restaurant on E. Main street in Hendersonville. This Chapter will meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month starting on April 21st, 2015.  The lunch meeting starts at 11:30am-1;00pm. Don’t miss this new & exciting opportunity to network with like minded professionals. This chapter meeting is a perfect place for the new & seasoned real estate investors, landlords, mortgage originators, lenders, real estate agents and industry-related professionals to network & grow your business.


Fee: Free to Members & first time guest!

Non-Members: $5.00 to be donated to Habitat for Humanity!

(Pay for what you order)

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Market Summary for Nashville

Downtown Nashville Aerial

The median sales price for homes in Nashville TN for Oct 14 to Jan 15 was $205,000. This represents an increase of 1.5%, or $3,000, compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 8% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 28.2% over the last 5 years in Nashville. The average listing price for Nashville homes for sale on Trulia was $504,199 for the week ending Jan 14, which represents an increase of 0.8%, or $3,883, compared to the prior week and an increase of 2.1%, or $10,381, compared to the week ending Dec 24. Average price per square foot for Nashville TN was $155, an increase of 12.3% compared to the same period last year. Popular neighborhoods in Nashville include Inglewood, West Meade, Urbandale Nations, Bordeaux Area, Hillsboro West End, and Bellshire Terrace.


Source: trulia.com

The TNREIA wishes you a Merry Christmas & wonderful New Year!

christmas 1

This Thursday night is our regular monthly meetup. Since it’s so close to Christmas we’re making it a Christmas Party! So, come on out and spread some Christmas cheer. Meet with new and seasoned Real Estate Investors on the third (3rd) Thursday of every month. This meet & greet starts at 6:00pm at the Alegria Modern Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar in Green Hills. You do not want to miss this opportunity to have a good time and set yourself up for success.event.

When: This Thursday Night 6:00-???

Where: 2002 Richard Jones Blvd, Nashville, TN, 37215