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Top 10 Reasons Not To Feel Guilty About Evictions

Rent Due1. Always start evictions immediately. If the tenants need extra
time, the court will give it to
2. You don’t make a profit from evictions. You only cut your losses.
3. You’ve already supplied the “needy” tenant with free housing. You’ve done your charity work,
give someone else a chance.
4. If the tenant doesn’t have a friend or relative to help him out, doesn’t that say a lot about the
tenant’s character?
5. If someone asks you how you could put someone out on the street, ask them to pay the rent
and you won’t evict them.
6. The tenant has kept possession of your house and is stealing from you. He has stolen your
home, utilities, and your services. The tenant is a thief. Do stores let your tenant go in and take
from them?
7. Letting a tenant stay in your house who is not paying rent is like giving your tenant your
charge card and telling him, “Feel free to spend. I like loaning out money interest free without
knowing I’ll be paid back”.
8. How would you feel if you worked all week and your employer said I don’t have a paycheck
for you? Guess what, your tenant has just told you that! Do you work for nothing?
9. If you want to maintain your apartment and let the occupants live rent free, you should decide
who the occupants will be, not your tenant. There are lots of people you may find more deserv-
10. Your tenant is taking money, time and energy from you, which you could use to provide for
your family’s needs. Picture yourself
trying to tell your child that you could not buy him or her an
item because you had to pay a stranger’s rent so the stranger could buy gifts for his or her child.