Education and Events:

Responsible for planning and organizing educational programs and events. The main goal of this committee is to provide opportunities for learning, skill development, and networking.

In terms of education, the committee will be in charge of planning and executing training programs, workshops, seminars, social gatherings, conferences, and/or charity events.

Additionally, the committee members work together to determine the event's theme, secure speakers or presenters, coordinate logistics such as venue selection and setup, manage registrations, take pictures at each event and promote the event to the target audience.

The Education and Events committee plays a crucial role in fostering professional development, knowledge sharing, and community engagement. By providing educational opportunities and organizing events, the committee helps individuals and organizations stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the real estate industry, while also facilitating networking and collaboration among like-minded individuals.


Responsible for managing and overseeing the membership process of the association. In charge of recruiting new members, building connections, and member experience. The committee will also be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to increase membership and retain existing members. The committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the growth and engagement of the association's membership base.

Sponsorship and Advertising:

Responsible for securing sponsorships and managing advertising opportunities for the association or event. They work closely with potential sponsors to negotiate sponsorship packages and ensure that sponsors receive the agreed-upon benefits. Additionally, they are responsible for identifying and pursuing advertising opportunities, such as print ads, online banners, and social media promotions, to increase visibility and generate revenue. The committee may also be involved in creating marketing materials, coordinating promotional activities and collecting swag items from Sponsors.

Apply for Committee service by emailing or seeing us at our next meeting!

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