Episode List

Episode 1: Jennifer, RealtorĀ® and Wyatt, Investor

Episode 2: Investor- Paul Barbeau

Episode 3: Title Attorney- Brad Bald

Episode 4: Organizer- Kate Condon

Episode 5: Developer- Chris Larkins

Episode 6: Structural Engineer/Investor Matthew Hagerty

Episode 7: Investor/Former NFL Player- Robert Savage

Episode 8: Leadership Coach- Dayle Savage

Episode 9: 1031 Exchange Expert- Jodi Ripp Bugter

Episode 10: Condo Expert- Jennifer Hamrick

Episode 11: Interior Designer/Home Stager- Pamela Dozier

Episode 12: Extreme Flippers Josh and Callie Loewen

Episode 13: Mid-Season Best Of!

Episode 14: Wholesalers Jim and Madison Adams

Episode 15: Millennial Lawyer/Corkscrews and Contracts Duo

Episode 16: Builders and More, The Hensleys

Episode 17: Power Networker- Sunny Bray Cartmell

Episode 18: Property Manager- Scott Abernathy

Episode 19: Loan Originator - Larry Cox

Episode 20: Hard Money Lender - Mike Brady

Episode 21: Happy Birthday America Special

Episode 22: Commercial Real Estate with Brian and Jana Truman

Episode 23: Managing Broker Jeanette Nelson

Episode 24: Commercial Banking with Tyler Allen

Episode 25: House Flipping with Wyatt Wallace

Episode 26: Architecture with Jacob Wimsatt

Episode 27: Licensed to Sell: Nashville with Jennifer and Kaitlyn

Episode 28: Football Season with Jennifer and Wyatt

Episode 29: The Good the Bad and the Ugly with Jennifer and Wyatt

Episode 30: Mid-Season Best Of Part 2!

Episode 31: Deal Syndication with Dylan and Mike

Episode 32: City Planning with Tifinie Capehart

Episode 33: A Positive Mindset with Jennifer and Wyatt

Episode 34: Ask the Expert, Home Buying and Selling Tips

Episode 35: Bob the Builder with Roberto Gutierrez

Episode 36: Peeps on the Streets Trivia

Episode 37: Surprise Interview with Jon Wright

Episode 38: Halloween & Haunted Housing!

Episode 39: Negotiating Skillz Part 1

Episode 40: Negotiating Skillz Part 2

Episode 41: I Didn't Know That About My House!

Episode 42: Thanksgiving Special

Episode 43: What's coming in 2020?

Episode 44: AirBnB Baby! with Kevin Copeland

Episode 45: Moving/Holidays and Pets with Emily Bacher

Episode 46: Accountability in 2020 with Allison Hoadley

Episode 47: Vision Boarding Your 2020

Episode 48: Money Moves with Hannah Sledd

Episode 49: Let the Docs come to you! with Julius Shook

Episode 50: Great Marketing YOUR WAY

Episode 51: AirBnB Hosting with John Hamrick and Byron Brewer

Episode 52: Season 1 Finale : Best of!

S2 E1: Lawyer up! with Gore & Reynolds, PLLC

S2 E2: Do big events affect real estate sales?

S2 E3: House Hacking 101 with Zack Benner

S2 E4: Nashville Strong

S2 E5: Rehabs by the numbers with Wyatt Wallace

S2 E6: Multi-Family, Storage Units and Coronavirus with Paul Barbeau

S2 E7: The Quarantine Quandary: Top movies and helpful distractions

S2 E8: Tech you gotta get!

S2 E9: 8 Things to Love about investing

S2 E10: Unreal Concrete with Ryan Samford

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